Top Ten Songs of the Week

Most people know that the top 10 songs of the week list is something that they get from radio stations. They pick songs and categorize them by artist and genre, but they don’t tell you who actually sings those songs! We know who sings them, but they don’t tell us who wrote them! That’s right. Many people have written and recorded songs and not yet know that they are in the top ten. Other artists make the song and put it up on the internet, and don’t even go to the radio station for their list. Why do people keep doing this?

First of all, they think that they can use the song for promotion without actually having to actually record a song for the radio. That’s a pretty arrogant idea to have, don’t you think? Also, the singers want to see the song, just like the audience does, so they believe that if they put the song on the radio, they will get some kind of coverage or maybe even some money. It’s funny how things work sometimes.

Another thing that happens is that the radio station likes the song and puts it up as the top ten song of the week, but some people just heard it once and think that it is the best song ever. That happens, too. People like different kinds of music, and they want to hear a variety of songs each week. So, we are constantly seeing the top ten songs of the week changes, and it happens from week to week. Maybe that is why there are so many new songs released each year.